Investor Relations Policy                    

Mewah International Inc. ("Mewah" or the "Group") is committed to promote timely and accurate disclosures of material information to the public, in accordance with listing rules stipulated by the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited ("SGX"), the Singapore Code of Governance 2018 and current best practices. We aim to deliver timely and up-to-date material information to investors to support informed investment decisions.

  Communication Principles

We convey material information and quarterly results through announcements made on SGXNET and comply with the Listing Manual on the continuous disclosure obligations. Results, annual reports and sustainability reports are announced within the stipulated period. All announcements are posted immediately on the corporate website when released via SGXNET.


We reserve the right not to respond to enquirers related to competitiveness or privileged information.


We do not comment on rumours or market speculation. However, in the event that material information is deemded to have been leaked or where there is unusual market or trading activities that could be attributable to such rumours or market speculation or the SGX-ST approaches us for clarification, we will respond appropriately and responsibly.


The Group observes a "Closed Window Period" or "Blackout Period" of two weeks prior to the announcement to the Group's first, second and third quarter results and one month prior to the announcement of the full year resutls, and ending one business day after the announcement of the results. During this period, the Group does not comment on industry outlook, the Group's business performance and financial results.

  Shareholders' Meetings      

The Group's Annual General Meeting("AGM") servers as an important platform for shareholders to communicate directly with the Board. The directors, senior management and the external auditors of the Group will present to address shareholders' queries and concerns.


Notices of general meetings for shareholders are published in the local newspaper, released via SGXNET and broadcasted on the corporate website.


Shareholders will also be informed for the rules, including voting procedures that govern these general meetings. Shareholders are also be briefed on the voting procedures for the general meetings by independent scrutineers who are responsible to count and validate the votes. An announcement of the voting results will be made in a timely basis via SGXNET and the corporate website after the conclusion of each shareholders' meeting.


Minutes of these meetings are prepared by the Company Secretary and made available to shareholders on the corporate website as soon as practicable.

  Corporate Website      

Financial results, annual reports, press releases, SGXNET announcements, presentation materials and other relevant corporate information will be made available in the "Investor Relations" section of the corporate website (

  Shareholder Privacy      

The Group recognises the importance of its shareholders' privacy and will not disclose shareholders' information without consent, unless required by law. The Group's privacy policy can be found in the corporate website.

  Review of this Policy      

The Board may review this policy and will amend and/or modify it to ensure the effectiveness and to ensure that any changes to the provisions of the Listing Manual and Code of Governance are propoerly reflected in this policy.

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