Speciality Oils & Fats  

We live in a fast paced world and consumers’ tastes are ever changing so food manufacturers have to adapt to new food trends and challenges quickly. At Mewah, we strive to provide customers with a comprehensive and one stop solution for their manufacturing needs. We have a large base of products which customers can choose from. We can also specifically customise products for our customers.


We define our products into Confectionery Fats, Dairy Replacer, Special Function Oils & Fats, Bakery Fats and Special Frying Oils & Fats categories to satisfy a broad range of requirements.

  Confectionery Fats


• Cocoa Butter Substitute

• Cocoa Butter Replacer

• Cocospread Fat

• Candy Confectionery Fat

• Confectionery Filling Fat

  Dairy Replacer  

• Ice Cream Fat

• Milk Fat Replacer

• Cheese Fat Replacer

  Special Function Oils & Fats  

• Popcorn Oil

• Seasoning Cube Fat

• Spray Oil

• Coating Oil

• Non Trans Hard Fat

  Bakery Fats  

• Shortening

• Emulsified Fat

• Creaming Shortening

• Butter Oil Substitute

• Cake Margarine

• Creaming Margarine

• Puff Pastry Margarine

• Laminating Margarine

• Milk Fat Blend Margarine

• Bake Stable Fat

• Table Margarine

• Catering Spread

• Chilled Spread

• Pan Release Agent

• Cooking Spray

  Special Frying Oils & Fats  

• Premium Frying Oil

• Premium Frying Compound